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Pyra Station 400kV Substation

Payra 400kV: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 400/132/33kv, 250/350 MVA Three Phase Auto Transformer at Pyra Station 400kV Substation with Associated Supply and Services on Turnkey basis.

PGCB: Metro Rail Project. Maniknagar and Tongi 132kV Grid Substation. 132kV GIS Bays in Maniknagar and 132kV AIS Bays.

Zodiac Power Chittagong Ltd. (ZPCL) : Design, Installation Testing & Commissioning of 230/11kV AIS SUB-STATION for ZPCL 54 MW HFO Power Plant,

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Pyra Station 400kV Substation

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