What We Do

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Substation Design
  • Single Line Diagram Preparation
  • Site Survey & Layout Design
  • Project Schedule preparation and complete set of estimation of all kinds of works.
  • Consultancy, Drawing, and Requirement to connect with transmission lines.
  • Earthing/ Grounding System Design (IEEE-80)
  • Equipment Specification Check
Substation Engineering
  • Fault Level Calculation
  • Earth Resistivity Test and Calculation
  • Step and Touch Voltage Calculation
  • Cable Sizing Calculation
  • CT, PT Sizing Calculation
  • Relay Setting Calculation
  • Secondary Scheme, Protection Scheme Design
  • Cable Scheduling.

Energeex does not have its transportation system. To provide a “one point” service, Energeex offers.

  1. Customs Clearance of Equipment/ Materials.
  2. Inland Transportation of Equipment/ Materials
  3. Loading and Unloading Services
  4. Shifting and Placing Large Transformers onto the Base
Testing and Commissioning

With a huge number of Testing Equipment/ Tool and Experts, Energeex is fully capable of Test and Commission up to 400kV without any other Expert support. Energeex provides.

Protection Relays Test
  • ABB
Protective Function Test
  • Over Current
  • Earth Fault
  • Differential Distance
  • Busbar Differential
  • Auto-Recloser
  • Power Swing
  • SOTE

Let's Build Your Dreams!

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